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Starting to enjoy fitness

Meet Sandra started at MadLab back in 08 took some time off but managed to find her way back home. 

Sandra has only been back at MadLab for a few months but her determination and performance truly has us humbled. Sandra even competed in Nutts Cup this year which was amazing! All the hard work has paid off!

Sandra's Story: 


I was at a coffee shop in spring of 2008 with my boyfriend, at the time, when he saw a little write up about MadLab in the newspaper. Shortly after we both started one-on-one sessions.

I noticed an immediate change in my body, energy levels and confidence. And for someone that has always struggled with my weight and body image this new focus on strength and power was a game changer.

For the first time in a while, I was actually excited to go workout instead of dreading it. MadLab still feels like going out to play at recess with your friends while learning cool new things with proper technique.

The coaches have always been amazing at MadLab and it's great to see the community grow and the gym evolve over time.

It's incredible to come back after taking 2 years off, for various reasons, and still feel like I belong somewhere, especially somewhere that my little man Wilson loves to hang out.

Thanks everyone, for being who you are, always warm, welcoming and fun.