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The path back to success in body weight exercises.

Snoball is one of MadLab's first clients. He has been around for over 10 years. Snoball did take a pause but when he came back he has put everything he has back into his performance and health, fitness and longevity. His consistency is something everyone should strive for. 
As Tbear said "Snoball is one of the hardest workers at MadLab. Constantly trying to improve and make gains the right way. Noone will ever replace the grunts and growls he brings into the gym"

Read Snoball's story:

I started at Crossfit Vancouver in July 2006 after a friend from work (Ramone) mentioned the workout and it sounded like something that would work for me. T-Bear has been my coach since then although I did take a year off when my work prevented me coming into Vancouver.

Back then the WODs were almost always intense and results were quick and I was fortunate to be able to stay injury-free. Personal highlights in that era include a 1000lb Total when I hit (what were then) three PBs - 420 back squat, 400 deadlift and 180 shoulder press.

Also, when we were across the road and down the hill, I had a 6:22 mile and a muscle up, but not lately! Stay tuned, though, the Whole Life Challenge and some interval fasting has got me on the path back to better success in body weight exercises.
While I am more of a Crossfit guy at heart than a MadLabber, I do see the wisdom in the programming shift of a few years ago. The bottom line with MadLab workouts is that I would never do 90% of what I do on any given day at the gym by myself without the programming.

Why did I start and why do I stay? The one-hour introductory explanation of the 10 physical values, hitting the three metabolic pathways in a metcon (phosphagen, glycolytic and oxidative), open-source approach, etc. made sense then and still makes sense now.

But of course it's much more than that: community, camaraderie and coaching are the three "C's" that make MadLab indispensable to the Snoball way of life.