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Stephs journey at MadLab


Steph Irvine

Moving to a new city is never easy. Nobody knows this better than Steph Irvine, who moved to Vancouver one year ago.

Over the past decade, Steph, a Registered Dietician, has been very nomadic, and said she was a bit nervous moving to Vancouver because of what she had heard about what is sometimes called the “no fun city.”

“There’s a rumour back east: ‘It’s hard to meet people in Vancouver.’” Steph said.

Her fears were eased the moment she found MadLab, she said.

“Having transitioned homes and cities so many times, I can say with certainty that it’s rare to find a group so warm, open and receptive to a newbie in the crowd,” she said. “Every time I walk in the door at MadLab, I am greeted by genuine smiles, am excited to see familiar faces, and love searching for the person in the space who will push me to work hard, and who I can push in return.”

It’s safe to say Steph was an easy person to welcome into our community. Always happy, social, warm, kind and very coachable: She’s a dream member, to say the least.

And as a coach who has been coaching Steph a couple days a week at the 6 a.m. classes lately, it’s also safe to say she is one of the hardest working athletes I have ever come across. Her work ethic—and impressive ability to continue to push herself even when her heartrate is through the roof—is one that cannot be taught, while her eagerness to learn new skills and movements is matched by few.

Steph explained what motivates her to work as hard as she does is threefold:
“Evolution, genetics and the MadLab community,” she said.

She added: “Survival of the fittest has motivated me since elementary school. To be resilient and get the most out of life, we need to do what we’re all doing at MadLab. Our personalities in the gym reflect out approach to life—don’t half-ass the gym unless you wasn't to half-ass life.”

And maybe at least some of her drive is in her blood.

“My Italian Nonno gardened 10 hours a day and routinely climbed the 8-ft fence in our backward in his 90s. In her 80s, my grandma carries hand weights while power walking up to 2.5 km daily. My dad religiously uses mapmyride to competitively bike race 30-year-olds up the steepest hill in my hometown—it’s hilarious. They all seem decades younger than their chronological age, and I find this extremely inspiring,” she said.

At MadLab, we often preach about our Prescription for a Great Life—one that includes working out and eating well, but also living well—meaning playing sports, spending time outside, traveling and going on adventures. Our ultimate goal being for our clients to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Nobody is a better example of following our prescription than Steph.

She explained: “I choose exercise, food, love and lust for my preventative medicine. My primary long-term health goals are pretty simple: Feel strong, both physically and mentally, avoid chronic disease, quickly heal from accidents or injuries and maintain my functional status as I age.”

Awesome having you with us, Steph!