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The transformation has only begun….

Meet Sue:
Only started at MadLab in early 2017 but throughout the last year she has gained confidence and embraced the MadLab Lifestyle and community.
As Coach Tom put it:
Sue is a different type of person to coach. Being a physiotherapist she is always asking questions and is curious to know why and how things work around the gym. I get to geek out and give her all the information she is looking for and at the same time she gets super excited to know what the purpose of a specific exercise or training day might be. 
We end up spending much of our training sessions talking about the human body and all its mysteries. 

 Sues Story

I started coming to MadLab in January 2017. While I was excited to start coming, I was also very hesitant. I didn’t really know what to expect and felt anxious that I wasn’t going to fit in. You see, I was the clumsy kid in grade school and high school with thick glasses and braces, who would get ‘picked last’ in gym class. Because of this, I often have avoided exercising with others. While as an adult I’ve enjoyed being active, because of my past experiences in gym class, I didn’t think I could be comfortable at MadLab let alone have fun. 
What I found was a group of people who are passionate, kind, and warm. I am continuously in awe of the strength, fitness, and agility of many of the women who have been coming to MadLab for years (and I wonder, could that be me someday?). I am so happy to have found a group of people who are supportive and encouraging. I feel physically and mentally stronger than I ever have before. 
I want to take a moment to thank my coach, Tom, as well as the other coaches and MadLabbers for giving me positive feedback, making me laugh, and showing me that this is only the beginning. I am really excited to see how my body and mind will keep changing in the coming months and years. The transformation has only begun….