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Thea Boucher - The Path to Mastery

Thea Boucher - The Path to Mastery

I first started training Thea two-and-a-half years ago when she was barely 11.

I was immediately drawn to her: She had all the fun-loving energy in the world and had that intangible work ethic quality that you simply cannot teach. But she was a mere child, a baby really…

“Can we play on the ropes today,” she would ask.

“I want to do pull-ups. They’re fun!”

When you’re a child, swinging bars and ropes IS fun, but then somewhere along the way it becomes more gruelling than fun. Why? Because we stop doing it! (One of Thea’s great advantages is going to be that she will never stop doing those things, so the joy will stay with her well into adulthood. How’s that for a reason to get your kids to start training with us at a young age: The preservation of joy!).

I digress.

Thea isn’t a child anymore. She’s a committed, hard working, focused, driven young lady that gives me hope that the next generation isn’t doomed by their devices, after all. She has big goals in the sport and is willing to put in the time and effort: Instead of hanging out with friends or snap chatting after school and on weekends, Thea buses over to the gym and trains her ass off. She’s there in the early mornings before school, she’s there after school, she’s there on weekends, and recently, she joined DP, so now she’s training with the best athletes MadLab has to offer.

I should also mention she’s incredibly physically talented. Thea had the top score in our Region in the first event of the Open last year, but she was too young to sign up for the competition. Watch out 2018!

BUT the moms impressive thing about Thea is her patience: Unlike the impatient and emotionally tortured athlete I always, Thea accepts herself where she is at. I recently judged her in an online competition, and one of the workouts had double-unders, a skill she hasn’t yet mastered.

It took her a while to get through the 50 double-unders, but her poise and steely resolve shone through more than ever in that moment. I would have thrown the rope and stormed out of the gym. She just put her head down, stayed calm, stayed patient and chipped away one at a time.

Thea’s calm persistence is something I admire very much, and a quality that so many of us can learn from. It’s the quality needed to be a true master! (If you haven’t ready the book Mastery, you should. Basically, it talks about how some people are dabblers, some people are hackers, others are obsessives, and few every become masters at anything).

Watch out for this 13-year-old: She’s on the true path the mastery! 

Thea competed in her first Weight Lifting competition over the weekend. She was third and had to compete with the adults!
Thea managed to hit a 75lb Snatch and 90lb Clean & Jerk! Way to go Thea.

The entire MadLab community is so proud of how far you have come already Thea and so excited to see you continue to blossom!