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Waynes Transformation!

Wayne started MadLab in 2014. He has put everything into his training and the community, His first year he competed at Nutts Cup and it really showed his commitment to having fun and trying something new! 

Wayne, Thanks for being such a great community member! We are glad you are back!


Waynes Story:

I used to do competitive rowing and still do lots of road cycling and I was looking for something different. I was always leery of the Crossfit cult and the possibility of injuries.

I found Madlab just by surfing the web and I liked what I saw, did ten sessions with TBear and then got into classes.
I worked really hard for the first year and 1/2. Got super fit and lean even participating (poorly) in the 2015 Nutts cup and a MadLab surf trip to Tofino. 

Then fell off the fitness wagon for a year and a bit.  I have been slowly crawling back into fitness and regular MadLab classes. 


I definitely don't recommend taking that long of a break as it is brutal to get it back, especially at 53!

However, without the support and encouragement of the MadLab Community I couldn't have done it. That makes it fun and the atmosphere of encouragement rather than comparison helps on those down days as I make my way back.  Thanks all and remember no matter how far you have fallen, MadLab gives you the steps to come back....