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Wendy - My confidence has grown

I only stuck around madlab so that I could be elected DUDE. Now that that dream has been realized, I'm quitting the gym to take up candle-making and long distance running.


You guys all know I love this place.
The biggest change I've experienced since starting MadLab is my confidence has grown. And this has helped me especially at work where, as a female leader, having confidence and conviction is particularly important for success.
The other big change in my life is acquiring a dash hound, a paleo bear, a pink pig, and a pup; not to mention several other ridiculously awesome friends along the way.

1. When did you start? Jan 2009
2. How did you find MadLab? Fellow Ultimate frisbee players told us about it.
3. Why do you stay? It's like my second family, I can't leave!
Wendy - Thankyou for being YOU! This community would be lost without our Clyde. 
The kindness and genuine love and humour you bring shines  joy on so many people!