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Transforming from Boxing to MadLab

Meet Jen "Dagger" Yager
Finding MadLab through good friends Stacey & Rob in 2014 Jen has been in the community for awhile. The energy she brings to the classes and those around her ensures everyone has a great time. 
Possibly one of the fastest runners at MadLab Jen is always looking for new challenges and goals. 
Always a strong athlete but mindful of injury & staying safe. When asked "why do you stay?" she replied: Laughs, muscles, and so I don't have to set my own goals.
Jen 2014 / Jen 2016 
Read what Jen had to say about her time at MadLab so far:
There are so many things that I love about MadLab. I came to MadLab as a way to transition from boxing.  I had been competing for 6/7 years and was beginning to accept that getting punched in the face on the regular wasn't the most sustainable sporting choice.  I chose MadLab because my dearest friends Stacey and Rob went there and had nothing but positive things to say about the coaches, the workouts, and the community.
I checked it out, got connected with Sheppy and immediately fell in love. 
It was difficult, and it took awhile to break the news to boxing that I was leaving it for another gym. All the things that drew me into boxing, the emotional, physical, mental challenge that it requires, I found at MadLab.
The individual goals and gains, but in a supportive and diverse community, I found at MadLab. Coaches that cared about my development and wanted me to set goals and get better (even when I myself didn't) I found at MadLab.  
Not only have I gotten stronger, learned far more skills (I can climb a rope if ever the zombies come), But I have developed some amazing friendships that stretch outside of the gym walls.  It's a remarkable community and I feel lucky to be a part of it.  
Thanks for being who you are Jen! We are so lucky to have YOU!
Jens First Nutts Competition