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Travelling: A Surefire Way To Test Your Friendships

In a recent circle question I asked the class if there was anyone that they could spend endless amounts of time with, while at the same not getting sick or annoyed by that same person. 

I know I am not the norm when it comes to this as I can spend long periods of time around people without getting run down, as rarely do I reach capacity when it comes to hanging out with people or "socializing." This is the case mostly because I can be at a party or in group and go very long periods of time without talking. Fact.

I know lots of of people who fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. They have a finite amount of time they can spend around people and an even finer amount of time they can spend with specific individuals. 

When it comes to having good friends the true test to me is how well you can travel with said friends. A trip without fighting, verbally or even physically in some cases is a good one, and a trip where you can spend nearly the entire time as one group while "leaving no man behind" is even better in my eyes. 

I have been lucky enough to travel a decent amount with my friends. Trip locations include Portland, L.A. and Seattle. 

During all of these trips the one thing that stands out the most is clearly the amount of fun that was had, but the thing that allows all this fun to happen is the compatibility to travel together. Knowing when and when not push buttons, what jokes are funny and which ones are too far, and giving in here and there to vegetarian food. The small things make the trip more of a success. 

My tip to figuring out whether someone is really a good friend or not; Travel with them for more than 48 hours. You'll see their true colours and their worst sides. If by the end your not repulsed by their ever-changing scents, their endless chase for a good cup of coffee or their funny but ill-timed jokes, then you have yourself a winning group of comrades. 

What's the saying? Something like.... "You can't pick your family but you sure can pick you're friends."

Coach Tom