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Trevor Lindwall “T-Bear”: Coach

image After a debilitating back injury and subsequent back surgery, T-Bear found CrossFit Seattle in 2004 while working as a engineer with Johnson Controls. "When I first started CrossFit I could barely move let alone deadlift any type of weight. I kept talking to Coach Glassman and more and more the CrossFit methods made sense to me," said T-Bear. T-Bear's commitment to his own recovery is representative of his coaching style. "I am chameleon-like. I'll adjust all the time to motivate, inspire and challenge my clients," he said. Often people use an injury as an excuse why they cannot start a fitness program. Someone once said to to T Bear, "Excuses are the purest form of psychological masturbation." He agrees. "Trying is lying. Pick up the weight, put it overhead, repeat," he urges. T-Bear has the unique perspective of knowing first-hand how to recuperate and bounce back after a serious injury. His coaching can assist any dedicated and motivated individual to be successful in his/her personal goals through proven and progressive methods. His breadth of knowledge comes from great mentors and coaches, such as Greg Glassman, Mark Rippitoe, Kelly Starrett, Robb Wolf, and locals like Aaron Rizzardo, Teri-Lynn Fraser, and Dr. Jeff Almon. The Bear is CrossFit's "Kid at Heart" and likes to make things fun, whether it be teaching handstand push-ups or just chillin' with his favourite comfort items: espresso in the morning, anything Mac throughout the day, and a scotch or pinot to cooldown. Of coaching, T-Bear says, "For me, the best part of being a CrossFit coach is the pleasure of meeting and getting to know our community of athletes and their characters. I love it." His ideal vision of the future can be summed up this way: "A Big CrossFit facility with a golf course to the south, a beach to the west, a restaurant/bar/vineyard to the North, and my big pad with all of the amenities to take care of my ADHD." image T-Bear's Certifications: • CrossFit Level II Trainer • Running / Endurance certified • Gymnastics certified • Professional Engineer • and self taught Paleo Master • will talk grass roots nutrition until the wee hours with anyone