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Tribal Elders 2017

On Saturday night, we honoured 17 new inductees as Tribal Elders - people who have been training with us for 5 years. 

As always, the event was a night to remember—filled with laughs, AMAZING FOOD (holy shit those cabbage rolls, that tuna, and that brisket!), wine, and some emotional and inspiring tears. As coaches, it's a night that reminds us all how special our community is to so many of you (thanks to all the great speeches), and what a difference it's making in your lives. The goal of the night is to honour YOUR loyalty, but in the end we all leave feeling incredibly appreciated and honoured to coach you!

I think my favourite thing about the event now, though, is knowing becoming a Tribal Elder is so important to so many people I coach. Just the other day, Caleigh got so excited when she realized she would go up on the wall soon. "Two more years and I'm a tribal elder!" she said excitedly. Now THAT warmed my heart—knowing MadLab is a place people intend to say for years and years, hopefully for life.

The whole gang: