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Tribe Fitness

I wanted to bring everyone's attention to a fantastic website called Exuberant Animal and more specifically an article the proprietor, Frank Forencich, wrote All About Us. The article discusses a trend in research melding social neuro science and interpersonal neuro biology. Like it or not we live in a social ecosystem. There is emotional contagion everywhere. Forencich calls us "highly sensitive emotive detection instruments". We experience all the emotions the people around us feel. We live these emotions with physical and physiological consequences. I've always said you need to be ever so discerning about who you spend your time with. "All About Us" takes this idea and puts it onto the larger fitness industry. Its all based around the individual and individual results. Forencich advocates an "altruistic fitness" where we actually improve our own health by boosting the health, well being and fitness of others. Strengths in numbers and cohesive vision. How many of you have been in a "Globo Gym" type place lately? Every time I'm in one all I want to do is crawl out of my skin and kill baby ducks. That is me. Perhaps your experience is different but I think you know what I'm talking about. Now consider what you experience when you are at CrossFit Vancouver. Fear, failure, perseverance, courage, dedication, powerful hip extension, learning, applying yourself to a method, smiles, grunts, groans, spit (Sheik), a whole lotta sweat, and a collective will to better your life by participating in a community. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the fitness industry. This is why our box is unlike any other. And this is probably a big reason why you keep walking through the blue door. We are wealthy people. Tribe. Friday's Workout: 3 Power Cleans (155/95 lbs) 6 Push Ups Rounds in 20 Minutes A variant of The Chief, this is a colossal hit. Attack the number. Koala and I did this way back and it turned me on my head. The great thing about set time domain wods is that everyone finishes at the same time. Coaches start the workout by 20 past the hour to allow for a group stretch. Focus on the hips, lower back, and opening up those shoulders. Mucho Love, Sheppy