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Triple Squat

Most people come to CrossFit with an open mind and are ready to listen when we discuss nutrition. Others balk when we cast grains in the role of villain. I guess you can believe anything you like. My question is: Is it working for you? If you're unhealthy, out of shape, overweight maybe you need to reconsider your beliefs. My background is anthropology/archaeology so when I first came across the Paleo approach it made sense. Here's an archaeological take on agriculture: WOD: This one is going to take the whole hour so get classes started early. Allow 20 mins per lift. 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat Do some reps at lighter weight to warm up then quickly drop to singles and build up to a max. 1 Rep Max Front Squat You can probably start off at about the same weight you finished with in the OHS. 1 Rep Max Back Squat Again, your back squat weight probably begins where your front squat finished. Your score is your max OHS + your max Front Squat + your max Back Squat