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Troy “T-ROY” Angrignon

image "For any serious transformation one needs to have a practice, a community, and a teacher in order to succeed. I found all three at Crossfit Vancouver. You guys helped me move from weak, injured, and frustrated to strong, healthy, and proud. I made more gains in my year and a half there than in the prior fifteen years of "sports training". You guys rock. Patty - thanks for the personal work - on all levels. And to the other coaches and the people I trained with - you have no idea how important you have been and continue to be to me. Keep training hard. " Troy has recently moved to Sacramento to do his thing.......Using his energy and smarts to start up successful companies. Read below for his updateDear Everybody: I MISS YOU! I know I sort of slipped out the back door but that was not planned. I had intended to be in Vancouver a lot more and be able to have a going away party at some point and then I just ended up staying down here in Sacramento a lot and not being in Vancouver. I took Jan/Feb off to heal up some shoulder stuff that was plaguing me which was fine because we were busting our asses on this startup that we're building. And now I'm back to a new gym here in Sacramento that is a lot like ours. Cool philosophy, great art (they hold art festivals IN the gym every couple of weeks), really interesting trainers, and lots of fun gear (tires, kettlebells, weights) and no machines. In other words, a lot like home. The gym is called "BodyTribe" and they're REALLY similar to us - but not CF affiliated by choice - they have a slightly different twist. But good team, and great philosophy. Chip Conrad the owner wrote a book called "Lift With Your Head" that you guys would all really like. I'm going to add in yoga and biking (everybody is into road-biking here) and I have been doing a little bit of trail-running. I'm hoping to add in some sort of krav or something later but am going to hold on that for now. I need to get back and make up for the last couple of months first. As for Sacramento, it's big. And flat. Really really flat. And warm. Like 22 degrees and sunny every day. Hard to believe that there is a place in the world like that when you're in Vancouver but it's true. And San Franciso is my "other home" but I only get there once a month or so for work related stuff. I'm still going to be back and forth a couple of times to finalize work visas so I'll be back sometime soon and will come in and see you guys. I miss you all. I hope that you're all training hard and kicking each other's asses. Write me! I'm in a foreign country with no friends! Or call. My Vancouver numbers reach me here. I'm at or 604-551-8275 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            604-551-8275      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (cell). Ciao, Troy