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Workout for Tuesday April 4th 2017


gather 1 minute seated shoulder flexion hold
difficulty should be 15-20s per attempt"


A1) deadlift

1RM or 4 sets of 5 @ 75% or over

any set over 75% counts towards your working sets

A2) handstand variation

4 sets of

30-60s fingertip to wall handstand
or 30-60s wall facing handstand variation
or 30-60s db overhead hold


max hspu in 1 min - MADLAB Benchmark

rest 3 min then 12 min to complete max reps

5 hspu/pike/DB press/push ups
5 kb/db deadlift R
5 kb/db deadlift L
15 russian swings
15 goblet squats


3 sets
10-15 dowel dislocates
60 butterfly glute bridge
2 minutes deep lat breathing