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Training Plan for Tuesday August 14th 2018

A) 3 sets with an empty bar

- 8 tall muscle cleans
- 8 hang muscle cleans
- 8 front squats
- 8 tall cleans
- 8 hang cleans
- 8 cleans

B1) hang clean

- sets of 3 - climbing (no misses)

B2) handstand variations

- sets of 30-60s

i) freestanding handstand
ii) nose to wall handstand
iii) heels on wall handstand
iv) pike variation
v) overhead DB hold
vi) plank hold

C) OTM 10 min

even: - 45s i) double unders ii) 45s single skips
odd: i) strict pull ups ii) chin over bar hold iii) ring rows AHAP

C) 1 round

- 20 alt 1/2 kneeling step ups + rotation
- 20 banded seated rows @2222


- coaches led one round of clean warm and the allow class to perform other two solo
- rest approx 90s between sets
- choose "easier handstand option" and hold it for longer
- this is a good time to practice double unders