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Training Plan for Tuesday August 29th 2017


A1) alternating pistols variations @3111

5 sets of 5/5

i - pistols
ii - elevated pistols
iii - skater squats
iv - bulgarian split squat

A2) plank on elbows

5 sets of 45-60s

A3) seated banded rows

5 sets of 15



with a running clock

0-3 min to complete max reps of

16 DB front squats - approx 45% bdywt
2 rope climbs/6 strict pull ups/4 half rope climbs/6 rope lowers

3-5 rest

5-8, repeat workout from beginning

8-10 rest

10-13, repeat workout from beginning


3 rounds

20s prone dowel hold
20s wall squat hold