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Tuesday: Celebrating two years and Elizabeth

It's amazing how time flies.

Jenny 'The Bus' Scott has been at CrossFit Vancouver for two years. It's been quite the ride for this PhD student. We've seen her at her best, and we've seen her in times of turmoil, but most of all we've seen her grow into an even more amazing young woman.

Here's a tribute to the Bus, who recently re-tested her first day to see how much she has improved since she showed up "looking like a coat hanger," as Andy Sack put it.

Happy Two Year, Jenny.

This video can also be seen on WODHOG


Warm-up: Tabata Double Unders

Tech: Power Cleans: Find a 3 rep. max (3 reps without dropping the bar)

*Work on the hook grip, as this workout is going to come down to grip strength

WOD: Power Clean Elizabeth


Power Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips