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Tuesday - Dare to try

When I first joined CrossFit Vancouver it was at the suggestion of my soccer teammate. The goal was not necessarily to become better at soccer, but that definitely was one of the benefits. I grew stronger, opponents had a harder time moving me off the ball. I could jump higher, going for headers against girls 8-10 inches taller than me. My point is that for many athletes CrossFit is a means of improving their sport of choice, ultimate, cycling, hockey, swimming to name a few. For others CrossFit has become their sport of choice. What I found amazing was that CrossFit gave me the confidence to try many different sports that I balked at BCF (before CrossFit) - ice hockey, swimming, snowboarding, circus (yes I consider circus a sport). I am continuing this trend with a foray into surfing, floor hockey and dodge ball this winter. So, my question to you, what sport do you still dream of trying? Gymnastics, synchronized swimming, river kayaking? Why? Please post to the comments section. So, onwards and upwards. I'm sure everyone indulged a wee bit over the holidays, a little Christmas baking here, a little wine and cheese there. It's time to snap out of the turkey coma and hit up a workout. Technique: Pick up something heavy! Go for a one rep max deadlift and try your hand with the Atlas stones (the lightest is 135lbs), but be careful putting them down (we don't need any broken toes)! Workout: Helen 3 rounds for time: 400m run 21 kb swings (red/black) 12 pull-ups - Kermie