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Vitamin D and the NFL

A new study uncovers a relationship of between Vitamin D and muscle injuries, using 89 NFL players as test subjects. A Vitamin D deficiency can cause or has been linked to rickets, depression, hyperparathyroidism, MS, chronic pain, diabetes, some cancer, hypertension, fatigue, and now, an increased chance of muscular injury. Get your levels tested. Tackle Anthony next time you see him at the gym, and ask him about the Vit D Level Testing Kit he offers through the proshop. Today's Skill/Tech/Str Element: Max Vertical Jump. Take 3-4 attempts with plenty of rest between. This is test is part of our fitness rating (entered in cm). The vertical jump is a legitimate expression of power and coordination. The top 5 men and top 5 women get immortalized on the leaderboad at the gym. Today's Workout: 30 sec Row for Max Avg Watts, 2 min rest, 4-5 attempts Divide your MAW by your body weight to find your score e.g.. 830/200lbs = 4.15 This will be you online leaderboard score A