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Training Plan for Tuesday December 12th 2017


A1) handstand push up variation

5 sets of 8-12 of one of the following

i - defict handstand push ups
ii - strict handstand push ups (2"" riser allowed)
iii - DB shoulder press - working to approx 50% bdywt
iv - standing landmine press

A2) single leg squat variation

5 sets of 4-6 reps per leg of one the following

i - goblet pistols
ii - pistols
iii - elevated pistols
iv - goblet bulgarian split squats

7 min to complete

3 complexes of

10 hollow rocks
+ 10 tuck ups
+ 30s hollow hold


"Rose Gold"

7 min to complete

500/450m row
200m run/10 cal bike
500/450m row

organize two heats, half start on midline complex


2 rounds

30 kneeling banded hip thrusts
4x10 knee CARS