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Training Plan for Tuesday December 4th 2018

A) with a partner complete 3 rounds

- 10 split stance forward med ball pass L - each
- 10 split stance froward med ball pass R - each
- 10 plank hold med ball pass - each

- ball should be 4-8lbs

B) 5 rounds - rest as needed

20s side plank L
20s side plank R
20s front plank

C) 14 min to complete

"Khawi Kountdown"

- i) 100 double unders ii) 150 singles iii) 1km bike
- 50 burpees
- i) 75 double unders ii) 125 singles iii) 750m bike
- 40 burpees
- 50 double unders ii) 100 singles iii) 500m bike
- 30 burpees

D1) 10 min air bike - record avg watts and cal
D2) 2km row - record - avg watts and time

E) 2 minutes of each

- half kneeling ankle flexion stretch
- 10 second ankle rotations


- focus on ball speed rather than tempo speed in part A)
- rest as needed and break up as needed during side planks
- compare part C) to Oct 23rd
- row or bike and record watts on board and time or cals in Train Heroic if not complete