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Tuesday - Easter Weekend Schedule

Quick reminder this weekend is Easter weekend, so the school schedule has been adjusted to the following: Good Friday - 7am, 11am, 5pm Saturday - 10am (NOTE: there is no 11am class this week) Easter Sunday - CLOSED Easter Monday - 7am, 11am, 4pm, 6pm Now, I won't waste too much time talking about today's workout. I am sure many of you know that it is one of my all time favourite workouts and I can never seem to resist including it in my programming week because it is such a good one. I am of course referring to Nasty Girls. Technique: Review hang power clean technique and muscle-up progressions. Workout: Nasty Girls 3 rounds for time 50 squats 7 muscle ups 10 hang power cleans (135 lbs/95 lbs)* *The leaderboard has the women's weight set at 85lbs. The official Nasty Girls workout is 95lbs prescribed. Hope everyone appreciates this workout as much as I do! -Kermie