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Training Plan for Tuesday March 10th 2020

A) 3 rounds

- 10-10-10 banded glute bridge (narrow - together - wide)

- 5/5 side over arch

- 20 lateral band step overs with med ball squeeze

B1) approx 20 min to practice sets of one of the following

> 1.1.1. squat clean with 2s pause in catch - climbing to 8/10

> 5 front/back/goblet squat @2212 - 60%

B2) active hang + chin over bar hold

- 10-30s + 10-30s

C) OTM 12 min

1: 40s bike @105%

2: 40s strict midline variation

3: 40s of russian kb swings @25-35% bdywt

4: 40s push up variation

D) Accessory

- 2 min soft tissue pec and bicep per side
- 8/8/8/8 wrist CARS


- focus on bringing knees up as high as possible during step overs
- increase clean weight based on feel no percent
- be sure to own the bottom position in either the clean or the squat
- a supinated grip in the dead hang and chin over bar hold is preferred
- be sure to hold bike wattage for as long as possible in 40s window
- aim for small and repeatable sets over large and long sets during 40s periods
- RPE of 7-8/10