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Training Plan for Tuesday October 29th 2019

A) 8 rounds of 45s on, 15s off

- rowing C2 @105-110%

1 min rest

B) 8 rounds 45s on, 15s off

- shuttle run

1 min rest

C) 8 rounds 45s on, 15s off

- air bike @105-115%

1 min rest

D) 8 rounds 45s on, 15s off

- lateral box step overs

E) 3-5 rounds

- 3-10 strict pull up variation @3111
- 3-10 strict push up variation @3111
- 1.1.1 power box jumps

F) Accessory

- 12/12 kneeling adi rocks
- 2 min soft tissue calves and feet


- we will stagger start people as needed depending on class size
- all 8 rounds of one exercise before moving on
- hit the rowing and biking percents and don't get greedy in round one or two
- be sure to face the same direction every time you turn during shuttle run
- fewer reps than normal will be common due to tempos in part B)
- RPE of 8/10