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Training Plan for Tuesday September 25th 2018

A) on a 16 min clock, work to a challenging complex of

- 3 deadlifts
- 2 power cleans
- 1 hang power clean

> aim to complete min 3 and max of 5 complexes

B) 14 min of...

- max set of i) strict muscle ups ii) strict chest to bar iii) strict pull up iv) foot elevated pull up v) ring rows (capped at 12)
- 30s max cal bike
- 100m DB farmer carry - approx 75% bdywt
- 100m rhino plate carry - approx 50% bdywt
- 20 banded good mornings
- 20/20s i) top foot elevated side plank ii) side plank

C) 2 minutes per

- narrow stance lat breathing
- glute bridge


- avoid as best possible breaking up reps in part A)
- touch and go is not necessary but avoid stepping away from the bar