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Tuesday Thrusters at CrossFit Vancouver

The Thruster – One of the most challenging moves in CrossFit. Personally I think it’s my fitness “canary in the coal mine”. Thrusters will let me know if I am fit or not fit, hungry or full of chili dogs and onion rings. It requires strength, power, flexibility, balance and good old fashion grit. It is a motor recruitment pattern that requires 100% of the body's muscles to effectively execute. Done with load and for reps the Thruster (it deserves a capital “T”) is the near epitome of functional movements. This is because it is capable of generating the intensity required for that megaton punch of Neural Endocrine Response. So let’s practice some Thrusters! Tuesday’s Workout: Warm Up/Tech: Agility Ladder Set the ladder up inside if its wet outside (Let’s face it – It will be). Coaches run the athletes through at least four different movement patterns. Have them do a short sprint at the end of each run through the ladder. Workout: Rubber 8 Thrusters (95/65 lbs) 8 Box Jumps (20”) Rounds in 8 minutes We tried 3 rounds of this in a warm-up a few weeks ago. People were surprised how rubbery their legs were. Should be interesting. Be careful on the box jumps. Warm Down: Coaches have the workout done with 15 minutes left in the class so you can lead the athletes through some stretching. Love Sheppy