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Check out the Warrior Dash (thanks Tee!) in Whistler on August 6th! I think there are a few CrossFitters who might be able to provide some solid competition. My first reaction was, if only there wasn't so much running, but all the other stuff (like leaping through/over fire) looks uber cool!  Warrior Dash Whistler Technique: Review proper technique for the Glute ham developer (GHD) sit-up. You will need it for this work out! After you have all perfected your technique if time allows work on your push press (3,3,3). Now I would like to say that this is another original Kermit creation, but I've been getting some help lately from some great suggestions made by my fellow CrossFitters; this was a combined effort, but it still needs a really great name (or at least a decent one). "Vertigo" 21, 15, 9 of GHD sit-ups Push-press (65lbs girls/95 lbs guys) Box jumps (20 inch all around) KB swings (red girls/black guys) - Kermit