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Tuesday’s Challenge

I have been wanting to do this for sometime and now seems like as good a time as any. I am big believer in feed back. I will often ask people in the school what they thought of a particular workout, was it good, was it bad, what could be improved etc. I file their responses away for the next time my week comes around. I will also ask what haven't we done it awhile? This approach has resulted in some of my best workouts or best combination of workouts. Now it's time to take it one step further, it's time to see what you would do if given the opportunity to program for a day. You be the Coach! Here is the challenge, send me your best CrossFit workout. Here are my criteria: 1. It must be your own creation, elements may be borrowed from other workouts of course but don't send an already named workout (e.g. Heroes, Girls, FGB, Hockey Night in Canada etc.) 2. Include technique. 3. There must be at least one weight bearing element and at least one body weight element (e.g. 95 lbs power snatch/ knees to elbows) 4. Scaling is to be expected where appropriate 5. It should be completed within the one hour class time limit (by the majority of the class) This is not send Kermit your gnarliest, most bad-ass, most crippling workout ever! This is your best CrossFit workout! I want people to be able to move the next day, but if it does happen to inspire a few pukie moments then so be it. Now, I am sure there are a few questions for this challenge I have laid before you. First, what do you get? The chosen workout will be used for Saturday's workout of the day, in addition, its creator will receive a Vancouver CrossFit T-shirt of their choice courtesy of Kermit. How is the winner selected? I, Kermit, will select the top three, from here I will poll coaches as to their first choice, majority rules. If there happens to be a tie I will be the tie-breaker. It may seem subjective but programming is subjective! Send me your WOD by 9 pm Friday, December 3rd. Now, onto today's madness. Technique: Open up those hips. Spend at least 4- 5 minutes a leg, following KStar's suggestions below. Set up your apparatus using boxes, weights etc. Workout: Find your max 1 rep front squat as well as your max 1 rep weighted pull-up. Alternate back and forth between these exercises. Add your 1 rep maxes to get your total score. Time limit is the end of the class. For weighted pull-ups you can use a weight belt, vest etc. Just see how much extra weight you can add on. Oh and make sure you start with a straight arm! Have fun! -Kermit