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Tuesday's take on Fight Gone Bad...and STREET PARKING

***Note: Athletes and Coaches alike, park on the STREET until further notice. Thank you.*** Sorry for the technical difficulties with yesterday's post. Upwards and onwards! Keeping in mind that we need to save our hands and legs for this week's CrossFit Games workout (stay tuned) today's workout is a different take on an old classic. Everyone remembers Fight Gone Bad right? But first, Technique: Split Jerk Left/Push Jerk/Split Jerk Right, so here's the deal, no racking the bar in between jerks. Workout: Tussle Gone Terrible (the title may need some work) 1 minute at each station, 5 rounds - burpees - kettlebells (red/black) - hollow rocks - power cleans (85 lbs/135 lbs) 1 minute rest between rounds Score is number of repetitions. Coaches, dependent on class size you may have athletes start at different stations, however everyone should be resting at the same time. That is if I were to start at the second station, I would do the following kbs, hollow rocks, power cleans, and finally burpees before taking my rest. I was thinking about my namesake and it led to thinking about the awesomeness of the Muppet Show! We already know who Animal is, but who is Beeker, Bunsen, Rolf? What do you guys think? -Kermit