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Tuesday’s Theory about CrossFit Couples

image In my year and a half of a coaching, I’ve noticed a trend between CrossFit and romantic relationships. There are two options for people in relationships who begin CrossFit: 1. He or she starts CrossFitting, gets into it, but doesn’t bring his/her significant other into the fold. When one person is CrossFitting and the other is not, more often than not their relationship ends within 2-4 months. Usually, they tell you later (or sooner) that they were in a painfully shitty situation to begin with, so the relationship ending tends to be a welcome blessing. My theory is CrossFit helps clear your mind and gives you the strength to say F you to unhealthy situations. 2. He or she brings significant other into CrossFit, they become a part of the community together, and their relationship starts to flourish, (think Lumber and Bradleah and Derek and Wendy) and so does their performance. A third option, of course, is to meet at CrossFit Vancouver. There are plenty of homebred couples kicking around the school, who seem to be going strong (think T-Bear and Dash, Pup and Rosita). At the end of the day, everyone wins! So Eunice’s theory: Bring your significant other into the school ASAP, or you might be saying goodbye to a relationship that’s probably shitty to begin with! raspberry In light of this, let’s meet the long, lean pairing of Matt and Heather. image If I remember correctly, Matt, a seasoned CrossFitter, brought Heather to the Andy Nutts Day last summer for her first CrossFit workout. I asked him after how she liked it, and he said, “She hated it. We almost broke up over the Andy Nutts Day.” “I hated CrossFit, and I hated Matt that day. I walked like an old lady for a week. I couldn’t lift a beer to my mouth because my arms were so dead after the workout,” remembers Heather. Lo and behold, after countless boring spin classes at Steve Nash with zero results, Heather came around and now she’s a devoted member who is getting better all the time. “I knew I would achieve results if I joined CF Van,” said Heather. What they love most about each other: Heather: “I think I love that we’re both impossibly stubborn, hyper competitive people but somehow we meet in the middle and it just works. He’s also huge.” Matt: “Her ass.” Tuesday’s Workout: Nancy – Time to see if 6 weeks of OHS is paying off! Tech: 1 rep. max overhead squat WOD: Nancy 5 Rounds of: 400 metre run 15 OHS (95/65 lbs.) Eunice and Bill