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"Two Minute Defense"

How & what to eat?! Eat protein that is lean and account it for about 30% of  total caloric load, carbohydrates account for about 40% caloric load and should be low on the glycemic index chart .Go with monounsaturated fat, account it for about 30% of your caloric load. In so many words take care of your nutrition by eating perishable food, (green garden vegetables40%, lean meats30%, nuts and seeds30%).  Avoid starch and sugar, food is fuel keep it real and non processed, you will clearly benefit from healthy eating.   warm up/review: Clean & Push Jerk 1 rep max Workout: For time, at (85/95/135lbs)
  • 5 rounds of:
    • 1 power clean
    • 3 hang squat cleans
    • 2 jerks
    • run 200 ft.
    • rest two minutes when 5 rounds are complete (your “defense”)
  • Go again 5rounds.