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Two Minute Defense

Well I looked hard to find a video of Pat Barber doing this workout & could not find it! I remember seeing it on and I was like WOW that looks brutal, then Sheppy and I got together at the old barn and rocked it a few days later. It kicked us hard as I recall. On another note Coach T-Bears real Birthday is today so show him a little love. (Happy 37 Bear) Now for your viewing pleasure! Not to sure but may have seen a few of these monkeys hanging out at the Nutt's Cup after party... Warm Up: 1000m Row (75%) Tech: Power Clean H.S.C. Push Jerk Workout: (95/135lbs) Complete 5 rounds of 1 Power Clean 3 H.S.C. 2 Push Jerk 100m sprint (touch the pole up the alley & back) After completing 5 rounds Rest two minutes and repeat 5 more rounds for a total time!