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UFC 94 GSP Vs Penn at “Tatlows”

image We are getting a group of people together for the big fight. Check out the latest news on the fight here We are going to Tatlows at 2741 W. 4th Ave (near McDonald) which is partly owned by Dane (Crossfitter with a perpetual hangover and a good heart). We are going to give his place a shot. It is a real good room and a great place to watch the fight. We need to reserve spots, so If you want to save a seat for yourself post to comments here. No post, then take your chances, you might find some place to stand. Wednesday's Workout: Max bench - 800m run Take one rep max in lbs - fastest 800m time in seconds (you can do as many attempts as you like) Highest score wins Coaches: warm up well before you get on the cold max. Warm up again and stretch before running. More on yesterday's discussion Clock Whores