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Up Up and Away!!

Here is what I saw on Monday: I saw people going up and down. I saw some great effort. I saw A LOT of sweat. I saw some serious improvement in people's dumbbell snatch technique. I saw many people today that love a challenge. Mission accomplished. Alllllrighty then. Back in the day when I was a runner I attended many clubs and workouts in search of becoming a better runner (but mostly to beat friends who were faster than me). Without fail, everyone of them had us doing hill sprint repeats. Guess what... It worked. The results were quick too. Come race day I was able to attack hills instead of dreading them. Andy Swartz (along with other CF Van athletes) had trained with Robert Esmie (winner of the gold medal in the 4x100 m relay at the 1996 Summer Olympics) multiple times leading up to the 2009 CF Games. They were doing hill sprints in the sand. Check out Andy charging up this hill at the games. The Monk 2009 CrossFit Games WOD 3 from CrossFit Lions on Vimeo. Bad Ass. Tuesday's Workout: Do some mountain climbers and lunges in the gym. Roll out the ankles. Jog to China Creek Park (Glen and 6th). Do some ABCs. Just west of the baseball diamond in the north west corner of the park is a gorgeous little hill. We are going to run up it 8 times. Roughly 2 minutes in between. Coaches stand at the top and start everyone together each round. The hill is marked for us. No leaderboard. Call it playtime. It will be very hot today and all week. Make sure you hydrate throughout the day. Wear a hat for the workout. image image