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Update about Games WOD and submitting scores

A word from Eunice: Good job so far - we have had lots of people get through the Games workout more than respectably. I don't envy you all at the moment - it looks painful! If you haven't done the double under/snatch WOD yet, come out on Sunday and get it done. Or if you're not happy with your score and want to redo it before you submit your score, Sunday is a great opportunity to go head to head with others. I'll be coaching the 10:30 class Sunday. I don't want to interrupt the regular class, so come do it after the class at 11:30 am. SCORE MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 5 PM Sunday evening! Then submit your score on I'll need to validate it before you'll be able to see your time on the leaderboard on .com Any other questions? Eunice