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Watch and Learn

The versatility of video these days is a tool I think some of us may take for granted. Having such quality cameras so readily available and having so much content at our finger tips on youtube is something I do my best to take advantage of daily.

Whether it is breaking down your own personal lifts, like the front squat, clean or snatch or watching the best of the best on youtube, having the constant visual has made me a far better coach.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen yourself do the lifts we do on such a regular basis?

If you haven't, and you consider yourself a visual learner consider meeting your coach and have them video some of the lifts you struggle with most. They will be able to take the video and play it back in slow motion to show you that you are bending your elbows early in your clean, or perhaps that your left hip internally rotates as you squat. 

I use this video regularly to show clients the concept of a clean and how important the principles of the movement are. Be sure to watch the whole video, the slow motion part is sweet. 

Understanding the movement is equally, if not more important than just being able to do it correctly. 

If you want to understand the movements or you simply want to get an idea of what you look like while you lift, start the new year and our new strength cycle by meeting up with you coach. 

Coach Tom