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There will be one class this Saturday - 11 am. It's a couples WOD and you can bring a partner or friend who doesn't CrossFit to be your partner! Last year we had 25 couples do this workout, and it was a great vibe in the box. Reminder - even if you aren't paired up yet, show up and we'll pair you up. Don't be shy. Party starts at 9 pm. Buy your tickets for you and your friends in the next couple days. $10. They will be $15 at the door. Also, we still need people to bartend and work the door. Sign up for the door is on the bulletin board at the front entrance. For a bartending shift, contact Ana at Free drinks for bartenders!   GYMNASTICS DAY! We use to do this movement a lot more in the old days and it was always fun. Time to play with it again! L-sit to Handstand. Watch:   How it's done: - Do a L-sit - Tuck your legs in - Bend the elbow (here you are leaning with head forward and down) - Get you hips on top of your shoulders (upside down) - Straighten the legs up - Press out of the deep handstand :) You can try doing it slow and controlled or using momentum like Shep did last on video. Make sure there are partners for spotting. WOD: AMRAP IN 20min of: 1 Rope Climb 10 Push Ups 15 V-sits 20 Box Jumps (24 inches guys/ 20 inches girls) Jesse and I tested this on the weekend and it was awesome! Here are our scores: Fancypants 8 rounds + 1 rope climb Jesse was just short of 5 rounds (Vietnam aftermath...) Who's going to brake 10 rounds? Post your bets to comments! Hope you enjoy it! Cheers! Ana.