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*** NOTE THAT THERE IS ONLY AN 11AM CLASS THIS SATURDAY! ** NO SUNDAY 10AM CLASS. To celebrate our Valentines Day that is coming up Tuesday we are asking you CROSSFITTERS to bring your spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends or a friend to do a partner wod! It's time to bond with your loved ones by sweating together, sharing strengths and weaknesses, working as a team to accomplish this challenge. Isn't that what relationships are all about anyways?!?! Post to comments what you look for in a (your) relationship. What's more important? Curious to see what we all seek... Lars, I know your answer already! lol Now... if you can't get anyone to come out Saturday, don't be shy and show up anyways! We'll partner you up with somebody else. There will be lots of single people :) This is just a cool video to set the mood for the weekend. Come out and play! SATURDAY PARTNER WOD: 400m Run 100 Lunges 50 Partner Push Ups 100 Box Jumps 100 Pull Ups 100 Sit Ups 400m Partner Carry Only one person working at a time (except the pushups). Break it up as you wish, let's say your partner can only do 20 pull ups, you fellow crossfitter, will do 80. This is a Chipper Wod, that means you have to finish all your Lunges before moving on to Partner Push Ups and so on.   SUNDAY: Make up day :)   A quick reminder about the Sheppy, Lumber, Fancy Pancy and Eagle Client meeting. 6:15 pm in the lounge on Thursday February 16. Drinks and eats provided. Come on out and share your love. Hope you enjoy the week! Later! Fancypants <3