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Vancouver at the Games

Crossfit Vancouver's history at the Crossfit games has been filled with tragedy and triumph. We started our journey at the games in 2008 with perennial top contenders Kermit and Andy representing us at the Ranch in Aromas California. Andy was the top competitor from our box finishing in 43rd overall when the gruelling 2 day event was completed. In 2009 the competition looked a little different, athletes had to qualify for a spot and the team competition took on a new look with teams competing in team workouts for the honour of fittest affiliate. Once again Andy did us proud taking second place in the Canada West Regionals and 23rd overall narrowly missing a chance to compete with the top 16 athletes in the world at the end of an epic three day battle. Our team battled hard that year but an injury to Kermit at her second games appearance and some first WOD jitters kept us from reaching the final. In 2010 the stakes rose once again and this time both teams and individuals were expected to qualify for the games through a regional event which that year included all of Canada. Moreover we were going to be competing at the home depot center in Los Angeles California if we made the big dance. Once again Andy would figure prominently in the run for the title, with a bye to the regional event thanks to his qualification for the 2009 games. Our success at the games started with rising star Emily Beers went up to Squamish for the weekend and stole the show taking first place on the female side. We had many athletes qualify for the regional event but many like Amy and Big Baby gave up their shot at glory in Calgary to help the team tie for first place in the national competition. On the individual side we had two top ten finishes but both Emily and Andy at the end of the day on the outside looking in. In the end though their misfortune was Crossfit Vancouver’s favour as our top male and female athletes were now competing on the team. We had a brilliant performance their and spent most of the games competing with the best teams in the world in the top heat, finishing as high as 3rd in the second workout which involved all six athletes (myself, TBear, Andy, Rhea, Amy and Emily). However in the end another unfortunate mishap left us out of podium contention on the last day. Still we competed on the last day with the fifteen fittest affiliates in the world and ended the day in 14th. Another Games is here and everyone has a chance to compete and help Crossfit Vancouver get back to California. So come out and hit tomorrows workout to help us qualify for the regional event . If you haven’t signed up to help us now make plans to come cheer us on at the Canadian regional at UBC May 27th to 29th.

W/U: Coaches Choice Tech: Overhead Squat 3 rep max WOD: Games WOD 4 AMRAP in 10 min. 60 Burpees facing bar 30 Overhead Squats (120/90lbs) 10 Muscle Ups