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Vancouver Election - October 20, 2018

Vancouver is having a municipal election on October 20, 2018.

The City of Vancouver Municipal Site can direct you how to get registered and where you can vote. Check it out here.

The same landing page outlines what you will be voting for:

  • 1 Mayor
  • 10 Vancouver City Councillors
  • 7 Commissioners for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
  • 9 School Trustees for the Vancouver School board

This is a lot of responsibility to put on the electorate.  We should not take our votes lightly.

Here is the City of Vancouver page that outlines who is running for what.  Check it out here.

You will also be voting on 3 different Capital Borrowing questions for the city. Check them out here.  

As an article from the Vancouver Courrier states:

"With the election less than a month away, the City of Vancouver is rolling out a number of programs and initiatives aimed at engaging voters and increasing the public’s awareness around the election. With a total of 158 candidates listed randomly on the ballot and less election advertising thanks to new campaign funding rules, this year’s municipal election could seem a little daunting to the average voter."

So you've got a ballot with 158 candidates for 27 positions. Whoa! The City of Vancouver has created a little "Plan Your Vote" tool that will help you organize your thoughts and candidates as well as when and where to vote.  Its pretty awesome. Please please please check it out here.  You'll need it!

Ok here is a great article from The Tyee laying out some of the election issues.  Check it out here.


Human history is scattered with millions of people dying for the right to vote.

Your vote is your voice.  Make it count.