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Vancouver Weather Weird?

We are having some pretty interesting weather as of late considering the time of year. Check out what Wikipedia has to say about Vancouver's climate. Saturday Workout Warm Up: ABCs Skill/Tech: 20 m Sprint x 8 Use the base of the agility ladder as the start point. 20 m is marked from there. Workout: Back Squat Bench Press 5, 5, 5 Leaderboard will be the total of the 6 sets. For example - If Charlie F Palmer squatted 300 lbs for 5 for all sets and 225 lbs for 5 for all sets on the bench then his score would be 1575 lbs (900 lbs + 675 lbs). For those of you looking for that extra punch the Affiliate Team is doing the Andy Nutts Workout at noon. Sunday Workout: Max Barbell Turkish Get Up (Start at the bottom - Go up and down on the same side - Must do this for both sides) Max Thruster (1 rep) Max Power Clean (1 rep) Leaderboard score will be the total weight lifted from all three exercises. Well that does it for this Week a la Sheppy. Hope everyone enjoyed it. One Love