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Variety and Fun

The longer you do something, the more repetitive it gets. To keep things fresh and exciting, you need variety. As they say, variety is the spice of life! And there is no better place than our school of fitness to exemplify that spirit with all of its diverse coaches & culture, not to mention its free spirited truly is quite a community. Quite frankly, all of you CrossFit because it makes you feel better, mentally & Physically. And because it is a positive, supportive environment to workout in. We all want to learn, grow and we also all want to have FUN while we do it! Tech: Back Squat 1 rep max WOD: Back Squats & 500m Row Work your way up to a 5 rep max Back Squat. (have your spotters by you side) Take a rest, time to fully recover, (at least five minutes) Then Row a hard fast 500m for time. Score is the weight of squats minus time (in seconds) on your row! Ex. I rowed 1.36/ I squat 255lbs X5, my score would be 159. (255lbs - 96sec's)= 159 Giver shit (just like the dude in the video above)! CFP.