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Veticle Jump, Box Squat, PP and Tempo

Today's Skill/Tech/Strength Elements: Standing (no step) Vertical Jump Box Squat 50-55% of 1RM (of backsquat) x 2 @ 32X1 (tempo)* Rest 30 Seconds Push Press 50-55% of 1RM x 2 @ 11X1 (tempo) Rest 30 Seconds 10 Rounds Two or three people to a rack, quickly cycle between the two movements Today's Workout: 350m Row 20 Burpees 350m Row *when tempo is described as above in a four digit prescription: The first number refers to the eccentric or lowering part of the exercise The second number refers to the isometric pause in the stretched or bottom position The third number refers to the concentric contraction or the way up The fourth number refers to the isometric pause in the shortened or top position So today's 32X1 tempo for the Box Squat means 3 seconds to lower the bar 2 second pause on the box Xplosive on the way up. As fast as good form allows. The intention should be to move the bar about a meter a second 1 second pause at the top Today's 12X1 tempo for the Push Press will look like 2 second pause with the bar on the shoulders Xplosive drive to get the bar up 1 second pause with the bar overhead at arms length 1 second lowering of the bar back on to shoulders Andy