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Tips with Tom - Videos Answering All Your Questions

Of late we have started a video series here at MadLab School of Fitness. 

We have been taking questions from the community and sharing those answers via video every week. 

Questions have been things such as, "How do I do a perfect push up?" and "I struggle to string together wall balls, any tips?"

If you have seen these videos then you may be able to tell that talking and demoing movements leaves me very out of breath. Also, you may have noticed that there are lots of nuances when it comes to many of these simple movements that may get over looked at times. 

Our goal as a facility is to ensure you guys are receiving the best coaching possible, and creating this video library of content based on the things you all want to learn more about is just part of how we are providing that coaching. 

If you have a question that you are interested to ask you can post it on the schools forum, or comment on one of the other videos that has been posted so far. Chances are if you have a question, three other people also have the same questions and may just be reluctant to ask. 

As much as I don't love being on camera the opportunity to share information with our community is too great to pass up. I'll grind it out on camera if it means everyone learns just a little bit more. 

Coach Tom.