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Vintage Glassman Day 6

I hope everyone has enjoyed this trip down memory lane from September 2004. The last Vintage Glassman workout of the week will be... "Dumbbell Hell" For 5 rounds 10 DB squat cleans (weight must touch ground) 10 DB overhead lunges (alternating left right etc. 10 lunges total not 10 per leg) 10 DB thrusters (with full lockout) Your score will be calculated as follows: Body Weight + combined DB weight, divided by total time recorded in seconds So once again it is up to you, the athlete, to choose your own weight. Choose but choose wisely, go too heavy and you sacrifice precious time, but go too light and your heavy competition may gain the upper hand. If you are at all puzzled regarding what is a good weight for you don't hesitate to ask the coach that is what they are there for.