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Volunteer for Nutts Cup

Nutts Cup is rapidly approaching (August 27th), and we need your help for this to run smoothly. A sign-up sheet for volunteers, as well as judges, will be posted at CrossFit Vancouver today. Please sign up for one of the listed positions. If you're not from CrossFit Vancouver, but would like to help, contact Emily at and I'll assign you a role. Also, keep checking WOD HOG for Nutts Cup Profiles. The latest team to join: The Sofa Kings Directly from WOD HOG ( All right Canadians, it’s time to step up our Game, or else we might all get stomped by Americans from Washington come Nutts Cup. Long-time CrossFit powerhouse, Ashleigh Moe This team, who goes by the name The Sofa Kings, is made up of not one, but two 2011 individual CrossFit Games competitors, Ashleigh Moe and Noah Pester. Their third member is Ryan Swobody, who is no slouch himself. He was fifth in his region after the Open competition, and 83rd in the world. To put this in perspective, Canada’s CrossFit Gem - Lucas ‘Teen Wolf’ Parker – was 109th in the world after the Open competition. We simply may not have the man power in this country to compete with this team, especially considering the fact that Alicia Connors, Jeremy Meredith, and Steve Howell's team have withdrawn from the competition (yes, that was a direct challenge to all Canadians competing at Nutts Cup to step up so this team doesn't walk away with it). Along with “eating massive amounts of steak,” Moe says that her team’s other huge strength is “cardio, cardio, cardio.” Considering the final workout of the day - some version of the long-ass Nutts Hero WOD - there's a good chance this team is the one to beat. - Emily Thank you Em for letting me add my workout to your post, as well for all the hard work you are doing so that CrossFit Vancouver can host this competition to honor our friend/fellow Coach Andrew Nuttall. Those that have known him will tell you he is truly a Guy that would volunteer, compete and help out where ever else its needed! So friends don't hold back if you are not competing sign up and give us all a hand honoring our friend. - CFP Now people on to today's workout... Warmup: (90 sec's max hollow rock 30 Sec's rest X 2) Tech: work on whatever goat you have up until 1/2 past the hour. Workout: Going the distance. 800m Barbell carry (135/85lbs) scale if needed. 36 alternating pistols 50 push ups You can carry the barbell however you want to, front rack position, back rack position or whatever is functional.(you must carry, you can't roll it and be sure not to let it roll away on you!) Soldier on my little Darlings Charlie