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Want to improve your performance? Try smoking a joint before your workout…

When I hear the argument that marijuana is a possible performance enhancing drug, I can’t help but laugh. I immediately remember my one pot brownie experience and how it left me feeling paranoid, borderline traumatized and just plain-old dumb for the next 24-hours.

But, apparently it’s true…(for some people, at least).

Just ask athletes like the MMA’s Nick and Nate Diaz, World Series champion Tim Linecum and NFL star Randy Moss—all of whom have allegedly reached the pinnacle of their sports as frequent weed-smokers (according to various media sources).

And now there’s even a cannabis gym in California! It’s called Power Plant Fitness and you’re allowed to consume cannabis at the gym before or after your workout.

They claim that cannabis can help you move more effectively because you can tap into your mind-body connection a little more easily. Not to mention, it can help you focus, too, they say.

Whether or not weed can help you at the gym mostly comes down to what strain you’re consuming. Or at least that’s the argument. Clearly whatever strain was in my pot brownie that left me barely unable to get out of bed the next morning wasn’t the performance-enhancing kind.


•SATIVA strains act as mild stimulants, meaning they help uplift and energize you the way a pre-workout shake or a coffee does.

•INDICA strains have a more relaxing effect, almost like a sedative (supposedly they help you recover, though).

•HYBRID strains do a bit of both.

Here are a couple articles that look at weed as a possible performance enhancer.

This article talks about how athletes of all kinds, from runners to bodybuilders, are turning to cannabis with great success.

This article in the Business Insider goes into marijuana’s anti-inflammatory and recovery effects and how this is helping various athletes.

What do you think? Have you, or would you, try smoking a joint before the gym? If you have, what kind of effects have you noticed?