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We are Wired to Eat

We're evolving and continuing o learn more and more about diet and nutrition.  Cool things are coming along to challenge our thinking and consider options.  Personalized Nutrition isn't new but is coming more and more relevant with the recent research.

“Personalized Nutrition” is a central theme of Robb Wolf's new book.  Robb delves into the Israeli study “Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses,” in which they correlated blood glucose with gut micro-biome parameters and identified optimal foods to rehabilitate the gut.  Eating to rebalance the gut micro-biome is certainly worth researching and trying.  

So the great thing about our Paleo template is that is that it eliminates most of the nutrient poor foods that will spike your blood glucose and insulin levels.   Nutrient dense whole foods and the healthy dose of cellular carbohydrates also tend to feed a broad range of ‘good bacteria’ rather than the narrow band of pathogenic bacteria that can be fed by processed carbs and simple sugars.  In the book, Robb tries to strike a balance between accessible mass market books and driving the science forward with novel and obscure discussions that you hear from his all the time on his podcasts.

In Wired to Eat he has differentiated his "Paleo template" depending on an individual’s carb tolerance.  The 7 Day Carb Test protocol (in the book) will help you assess whether you can tolerate Paleo style carbs such as beets, squash, yams, and sweet potatoes.

This video gives you some idea what he's up to.



Robb's book is available at MADLab for $30.  

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