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We Want More Old People - Carl Stewart Testimonial - Tower of Power

The Crossfit Motto.....Show me the numbers, all else is meaningless. Here are a few of Carlito's 1st week: 0 pullups, 2-3 shabby half pushups, 100lb deadlift, no chance at a rope climb or handstand and slow as molasses in January....Thanks to years of LSD (Long Slow Distance) running training. Today: 20 pullups, 31 excellent form pushups, 1min handstand, 265lb deadlift, 15:26 helen and climbs ropes like a monkey. Here is his take on what happened. smile image Before starting at Crossfit Vancouver about a year and a half ago I had been running/ jogging 15- 25 miles per week for the past few years. My back and joints were starting to become a problem and I was slowly gaining weight year over year. I came to Crossfit looking for something better. I've had really great results at this gym. Results from a recent annual check-up confirmed that in the past year I've lost 13 pounds and more than 4 inches off my waist, become more aerobically fit, got a lot stronger (25% increase using grip strength as a metric) and have significantly improved my flexibility (48% better using a standard sit and reach test). There has been a lot written about the efficacy of the Crossfit approach to fitness. From my perspective it is true, and helped considerably by an excellent group of trainers/ coaches. One of the keys to my fitness improvement is that I show up on a regular basis. I do this because I enjoy the classes and get a great sense of accomplishment by completing the workout. Although the amount of weight each person in the class lifts, or their quickness on the runs varies considerably, there is a common commitment to doing your very best throughout the entire gym. Vancouver Crossfit provides a supportive friendly environment where your successes are shared by the group, all of whom appreciate just how hard you've worked in the session regardless of where you are on your path to fitness. As a 57 year old, I have kids who are older than half the people at the gym, yet I always feel welcome and age dissapears once the workout starts anyway. My strength and fitness has dramatically improved, I look forward to my time at Crossfit and I highly recommend it. Carl Stewart By the way, you would never know it but Carl happens to be the CEO of Dominion Construction (One of the largest construction companies in Canada) check out what he stands for in his "Presidents Message". "Trust, ethical business dealings, quality and dependability".....sounds like a true Crossfit Champion to me. Today's Workout: The Tower of Power 1 minute of front squats at 95/55lbs (1pt for each rep) -3min rest 1 minute of front squats at 135/80lbs (3pts for each rep) - 3min rest 1 minute of front squats at 185/105lbs (7pts for each rep) - 3min rest 1 minute of front squats at 135/80lbs (3pts for each rep) - 3min rest 1 minute of front squats at 95/55lbs (3pts for each rep) - 3min rest Most Points wins